Missional Leadership

How does church leadership become missional leadership? Isn’t a shame we have distinguish between the two? Depending on the polity of the church, most church leaders are elected by the congregation or selected by a nominating committee of some sort and presented to a group for ratification. The conversation often revolves around getting so-and-so more … Continue reading Missional Leadership


Vision and Theology in Church Leadership (Part Six)

The previous posts in this series constructed an argument for vision informed by theology (values) in church leadership. My last post listed certain pre-conditions and the first three steps to take in the envisioning process. Here are the steps: Pray. Obvious, but so often neglected in the process. Identify the gap between theology and behavior. A pastor is … Continue reading Vision and Theology in Church Leadership (Part Six)

Vision and Theology in Church Leadership (Part Four)

When it comes to vision, theology and church leadership, many leaders adopt a non-theological consensus approach to leading, equating "consensus" with "relational." Yet relational leadership is not consensus leadership. Typically consensus leaders call a small group of people together and facilitate a meeting to hammer out a vision for the congregation. The result is then handed down to the … Continue reading Vision and Theology in Church Leadership (Part Four)

Vision and Theology in Church Leadership (Part Three)

Our theology should shape how we lead the church. Christian theology emphasizes the giftedness of an individual and the importance of crafting a place in the organization accordingly. Put simply, the theological assumption is that churches are constructed according to the leading of the Spirit (1 cor 12.7). Each person bears a unique responsibility for a piece … Continue reading Vision and Theology in Church Leadership (Part Three)

Vision and Theology in Church Leadership (Part Two)

How does a church leader/pastor lead people and "get vision" in a church whose theology states God lives with them? Too many pastors leave their theological training at the door of the board-room. They assume that theology is irrelevant to practical, modern stuff like running boards and committees. Ironically the top-down leadership style they adopt is not only theologically … Continue reading Vision and Theology in Church Leadership (Part Two)

Vision and Theology in Church Leadership (Part One)

How should a pastor/church leader determine vision for the church? Obvious answers include go to God and/or go to the Scriptures, right? Well...yes and no. Certainly Christians believe God answers prayer. So consulting Him about the direction of the church seems like a good idea (to say the least). And the Scriptures teach that the … Continue reading Vision and Theology in Church Leadership (Part One)

Christian Leadership and Capitalism

Are Christian leaders/pastors invested in the success of capitalism?  An honest answer must be yes and no. First, the yes. Capitalism is devoted to the concept of self-interest. (See Alan Greenspan's comments here.) And Christianity teaches that at heart, most people are all about self-interest. Thus capitalism works because it  appeals to that which is … Continue reading Christian Leadership and Capitalism

Un-Ethical Leadership (Part One)

At times, church leaders behave unethically. Padding membership reports to the denomination; under (or over) reporting finances to the congregation; making decisions for parishioners as though they were children; refusing to address poor behavior from fellow leaders and congregants; these are ethical leadership issues. Christians are known for having a moral code, even if they aren't  so good … Continue reading Un-Ethical Leadership (Part One)

Leadership Snip-Its

I stumbled on a great (if that's the right word) list of why churches stall. Pastors and church leaders can benefit from thinking through the list. If you look closely, each reason can be traced back to an underlying (false) assumption about the church. It's so important for churches (and any other organization) to keep their focus … Continue reading Leadership Snip-Its

Biblical Leadership – Myths (part 3)

Biblical Leadership is a myth? Well…kind of. At least the way it's usually portrayed. Often people writing about Biblical leadership take a “Let’s do leadership like Moses, or David, or Jesus, or Paul,” kind of approach. That is not a study of Leadership but of leaderships.  Let me be academic here for just a minute. … Continue reading Biblical Leadership – Myths (part 3)