Missional Leadership

How does church leadership become missional leadership? Isn’t a shame we have distinguish between the two? Depending on the polity of the church, most church leaders are elected by the congregation or selected by a nominating committee of some sort and presented to a group for ratification. The conversation often revolves around getting so-and-so more … Continue reading Missional Leadership


Vision and Theology in Church Leadership (Part Two)

How does a church leader/pastor lead people and "get vision" in a church whose theology states God lives with them? Too many pastors leave their theological training at the door of the board-room. They assume that theology is irrelevant to practical, modern stuff like running boards and committees. Ironically the top-down leadership style they adopt is not only theologically … Continue reading Vision and Theology in Church Leadership (Part Two)

The Gap

Oh that pesky gap between what we say we believe in and what we do. Its frustrates all of us, whether a corporation or a church, a group or an individual. How can we be so blind? Of course, it’s easy to see the gap in publicized scandals like Enron or in a public individual like … Continue reading The Gap

New Neighbors

There are as many reasons to blog as there are computers on desks (or tables, or stands, etc.). This space explores leadership as well as theology; not the popular leadership of the self-help books but real leadership with an emphasis on values, practicality, academics, and especially, community. Leadership is always about values and community. My values … Continue reading New Neighbors

Leadership Applied

How should leadership be applied in the church? Servant Leadership is a fine philosophy but not very good at spelling out specifics (see my post Theology, Leadership and Community part two). How does a church leader intent on bringing about real change go about leading other church people?  In my last post I agreed with … Continue reading Leadership Applied

The Foundation of Leadership

What is the basis, the foundation of leadership?  Power, position, authority, personality, relationship or something else? How should leadership be applied?  James MacGregor Burns in Leadership (Burns, 1978) argued for a psychological conception of power, a connection to others if you will as opposed to being a property or possession. He famously distinguished between power-wielders … Continue reading The Foundation of Leadership