Leadership, Crisis, and the Theft of Responsibility

Jack believed he was a responsible leader. He felt deeply the responsibility that rested on his shoulders. He wanted to make sure that no matter what happened on his shift, he would be there to make it right. When the economy tanked, he went into top gear. He increased his control over projects and his … Continue reading Leadership, Crisis, and the Theft of Responsibility


New Neighbors

There are as many reasons to blog as there are computers on desks (or tables, or stands, etc.). This space explores leadership as well as theology; not the popular leadership of the self-help books but real leadership with an emphasis on values, practicality, academics, and especially, community. Leadership is always about values and community. My values … Continue reading New Neighbors

Leadership & Theology?

Why write about theology when discussing leadership?  Georgia Sorenson, writing on James MacGregor Burns, observed that he changed modern leadership studies, which historically focused on effectiveness by insisting leadership has moral dimensions, in fact, that leadership as a relationship, has a moral core of motivations (in Couto, R. (Ed.) 2007, pp.24-25). Since then, the bulk … Continue reading Leadership & Theology?

Principles of Board Ettiquette

Do you serve on a board or committee? How many times have you been in a theater, or listening to a speaker, or perhaps even at church on Sunday morning, when all of a sudden someone’s cell phone goes off, usually playing Stars and Stripes and complete with the cannonade? Annoying to say the least. … Continue reading Principles of Board Ettiquette