Leadership Snip-its

From over at Seth's Blog , here is a great principle for problem-solving that all good leaders need to keep in mind.  Click on "Our normal approach is useless here."


Un-Ethical Leadership (Part One)

At times, church leaders behave unethically. Padding membership reports to the denomination; under (or over) reporting finances to the congregation; making decisions for parishioners as though they were children; refusing to address poor behavior from fellow leaders and congregants; these are ethical leadership issues. Christians are known for having a moral code, even if they aren't  so good … Continue reading Un-Ethical Leadership (Part One)

New Leaders Take Charge – Myths (part 5)

New leaders need to be “strong, in-charge types” who let people know they are on the job. This is similar to the myth that leadership is for heroes. However, this one has an upside, just so long as the leader doesn’t believe it! For example, my father was a 30 year Naval officer (Legion of … Continue reading New Leaders Take Charge – Myths (part 5)

Leadership is for Heroes – Myths (part 2)

Must Leadership be heroic, with good leaders coming to the rescue? This popular image of leadership is a combination of John Wayne self-sufficiency, James Bond expertise, and Winston Churchill determination. (The lack of women in these images is a topic for another post.) Do leaders stand alone against the crowd? Are they the people who bring solutions … Continue reading Leadership is for Heroes – Myths (part 2)

Leadership and Vision

The leader’s vision should drive the organization. True or false? While leadership’s vision is supposed to guide the organization down the path, it just isn't that simple. No matter how much we try to get our people to “buy-in” to our finely crafted and polished vision, their own personal motivations and values will always be … Continue reading Leadership and Vision

No Answer Leadership?

How important is it for the leader to have the answers to the problems facing an organization? Some would say essential. “How can you lead if you don’t know where you are going?” Or “Isn’t it the leader’s job to get things fixed?”  The answer is, it depends.  One of the real temptations of leadership … Continue reading No Answer Leadership?

Leadership Applied

How should leadership be applied in the church? Servant Leadership is a fine philosophy but not very good at spelling out specifics (see my post Theology, Leadership and Community part two). How does a church leader intent on bringing about real change go about leading other church people?  In my last post I agreed with … Continue reading Leadership Applied

Leadership & Theology?

Why write about theology when discussing leadership?  Georgia Sorenson, writing on James MacGregor Burns, observed that he changed modern leadership studies, which historically focused on effectiveness by insisting leadership has moral dimensions, in fact, that leadership as a relationship, has a moral core of motivations (in Couto, R. (Ed.) 2007, pp.24-25). Since then, the bulk … Continue reading Leadership & Theology?

Leadership or Management?

Have you ever noticed that a lot of times the terms leader and manager are used to talk about the same thing? “Who is the leader here? Who’s in charge? Who’s got authority?” These are often the things we want to know when we enter into a new situation.  Unfortunately "leader" and "manager" do not mean … Continue reading Leadership or Management?