Leadership, Experience and the Intangibles

  The other night experienced quarterback Tony Romo was interviewed before the Cowboys played the Redskins. In commenting on his development as a leader on the team, he replied that experience is the best tool for developing the decision-making skills necessary to win. He's right of course but that common bit of wisdom isn't true … Continue reading Leadership, Experience and the Intangibles

Relational Leadership (Part Three)

We've said previously Relational Leadership is based on the insight that leaders and followers are in a relationship. We've also said that Relational Leadership is about connecting with the values and motivations of the followers. So how do we import Relational Leadership into an organization without "blowing it up?" We start with the leadership team. Cleve … Continue reading Relational Leadership (Part Three)

Leadership Snip-its

Here's a great little leadership nugget over at Seth Godin's place. Would that everyone would engage in discussions like this. Imagine the savings in time, energy and relationships. Although as a church leader, I might push-back on his conclusion, just a little. 🙂

Principles of Board Ettiquette

Do you serve on a board or committee? How many times have you been in a theater, or listening to a speaker, or perhaps even at church on Sunday morning, when all of a sudden someone’s cell phone goes off, usually playing Stars and Stripes and complete with the cannonade? Annoying to say the least. … Continue reading Principles of Board Ettiquette