Leadership Snip-its

Here's a great little leadership nugget over at Seth Godin's place. Would that everyone would engage in discussions like this. Imagine the savings in time, energy and relationships. Although as a church leader, I might push-back on his conclusion, just a little. 🙂

Leadership, Crisis, and the Theft of Responsibility

Jack believed he was a responsible leader. He felt deeply the responsibility that rested on his shoulders. He wanted to make sure that no matter what happened on his shift, he would be there to make it right. When the economy tanked, he went into top gear. He increased his control over projects and his … Continue reading Leadership, Crisis, and the Theft of Responsibility

Leadership and Vision

The leader’s vision should drive the organization. True or false? While leadership’s vision is supposed to guide the organization down the path, it just isn't that simple. No matter how much we try to get our people to “buy-in” to our finely crafted and polished vision, their own personal motivations and values will always be … Continue reading Leadership and Vision

Leadership Misunderstood

The widely regarded founder of modern leadership studies, James MacGregor Burns, observed, “Leadership is one of the most observed and least understood phenomena on earth” (Burns, 1978, p. 3). Why is this so?  Too many of us think of the leader as the “hero.” This colors our understanding of leadership. We grew up entranced by … Continue reading Leadership Misunderstood