Leadership or Management?

Have you ever noticed that a lot of times the terms leader and manager are used to talk about the same thing? “Who is the leader here? Who’s in charge? Who’s got authority?” These are often the things we want to know when we enter into a new situation.  Unfortunately "leader" and "manager" do not mean … Continue reading Leadership or Management?

Principles of Board Ettiquette

Do you serve on a board or committee? How many times have you been in a theater, or listening to a speaker, or perhaps even at church on Sunday morning, when all of a sudden someone’s cell phone goes off, usually playing Stars and Stripes and complete with the cannonade? Annoying to say the least. … Continue reading Principles of Board Ettiquette

Church Leadership

 What makes some leadership Christian?  Some say it’s an attitude of the heart. “We just need to serve other people the way Jesus served others, kind of like the way He washed the feet of the disciples.” Others say it’s all about “vision-casting,” making sure the whole church buys into the vision that God has for … Continue reading Church Leadership

Leadership is NOT Influence.

First, leadership is a relationship between follower and leader. It is not about power, authority, or influence, although these are not unimportant elements. For example, someone holding a gun to your head may be influencing your behavior (!), but very few people would call that leadership. Others may insist you do something because they’re the … Continue reading Leadership is NOT Influence.