No Biblical Leadership? Oh, boy…

A little while back David Fitch was lamenting on his normally excellent blog how corporate America has redefined "Biblical Leadership" for the church. In fact, he suggested the we should invent a new word to describe what leaders do in the church. So do we throw the word out and invent a new word that … Continue reading No Biblical Leadership? Oh, boy…


Relational Leadership (Part Three)

We've said previously Relational Leadership is based on the insight that leaders and followers are in a relationship. We've also said that Relational Leadership is about connecting with the values and motivations of the followers. So how do we import Relational Leadership into an organization without "blowing it up?" We start with the leadership team. Cleve … Continue reading Relational Leadership (Part Three)

Relational Leadership (Part One)

What is Relational Leadership? Some define it as leadership by consensus (also derisively known as "Pooled Ignorance"). Others think Relational Leadership is about creating good relationships in an organization (of course, “good for whom” is always nebulous). Still others think Relational Leadership is about playing politics, paying attention to what others want in order to … Continue reading Relational Leadership (Part One)

Biblical Leadership – Myths (part 3)

Biblical Leadership is a myth? Well…kind of. At least the way it's usually portrayed. Often people writing about Biblical leadership take a “Let’s do leadership like Moses, or David, or Jesus, or Paul,” kind of approach. That is not a study of Leadership but of leaderships.  Let me be academic here for just a minute. … Continue reading Biblical Leadership – Myths (part 3)