Leadership Disaster

Sometimes the seeds for leadership disasters are sown at the very beginning of a leader's tenure.  Rev. Jack, in the market for a new church, found a new pastoring opportunity. Although the church had grown over the last few years, it had seen decline in attendance and finances as the pastoral search process took its toll. … Continue reading Leadership Disaster


The Gap

Oh that pesky gap between what we say we believe in and what we do. Its frustrates all of us, whether a corporation or a church, a group or an individual. How can we be so blind? Of course, it’s easy to see the gap in publicized scandals like Enron or in a public individual like … Continue reading The Gap

Leadership Applied

How should leadership be applied in the church? Servant Leadership is a fine philosophy but not very good at spelling out specifics (see my post Theology, Leadership and Community part two). How does a church leader intent on bringing about real change go about leading other church people?  In my last post I agreed with … Continue reading Leadership Applied